Exobinary /ɛk.so.baɪ.nə.ri/ (adj)
Existing outside the (gender/sex) binary. This umbrella term focuses on the experiences of non-binary people with identities completely outside/independent of the M/F man/woman binary and anything related to it.

This website strives to center exobinary experiences while also uplifting other non-binary experiences and being in solidarity with intersex people, trans women, and trans men.

View or Download the Tips

A printable booklet packed with 72 tips for how to be supportive of non-binary (and trans and intersex) people.

Vocab Links

Further reading on less common words, what they mean, why and how people made them, and why we use them over others. Exobinary, exorsexism, and perisex explanations here!

Learning Through Comics

Visual illustration links, with provided image descriptions hosted here. Comics are a great way to see common experiences, especially bad ones.

Autistic Competency Links

There is a great deal of overlap between non-binary and autistic identities and communities, and the politics and advocacy inform each other as well.

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